Elypsys is a proudly Australian-owned and operated business, dedicated to delivering human-first solutions which promote equality, accessibility, and connection.

Elypsys was founded in 2020 by Landell Archer as a passion project to help businesses deliver better user experiences in solutions for healthcare and human performance.

We believe in helping you craft the experiences that matter most to your clients.

Our nimble core team gives us an edge - we take an agile approach of prototyping and iteration to design digital solutions that connect.

Our Core Values
We’re creating the kind of company that we can keep being proud of:


Human stories live at the heart of Elypsys. We place understanding, and genuine human connection at the core of everything we do.


We believe that fighting for fairness, inclusiveness and opportunity is more than just a value, it’s a responsibility.


The world and its people are precious. We aspire to give more than we take, and leave only a positive footprint in our wake.


We’re always thinking about the future to elevate each insight, pixel, and solution to something greater than the sum of its parts.


We strive to look at the whole picture, facilitating meaningful connections between people, and the tools they use.


We can’t solve a problem that we don’t understand, and will keep asking questions and challenging our own assumptions.
Just like you, our people are what make us special:
Landell Archer
Founder / CEO

Passionate about doing business differently, Landell believes that everybody deserves innovative solutions with excellent customer service, delivered by a team they like.

Keen to move meetings from the boardroom to the paddle board, you'll be able tell Landell's background is exercise science!

Charles Knight
Head of Design

An advocate for exploration and taking a human-first approach, Charles strives to bring empathy, understanding, and joy to the digital products of the future.

Charles believes that the best experiences live at the intersection of businesses and their users, and works to craft beautiful and accessible solutions which join the two.