Elypsys are redefining professional services through empathy, collaboration, and agile working. We work with you and your clients to design & launch outstanding digital experiences...

We personify curiosity.
Elypsys was founded in 2020 by Landell Archer as a passion project to help businesses deliver better user experiences in products for healthcare and human performance.

With 18 years of combined experience in human-lead software design and development, Landell and Charles are specialists at discovering innovative ways to connect you with your customers.

We love partnering with forward-thinking businesses to launch delightful solutions that live at the heart of your clients, data, and business needs.

Much more than just report-writers, we believe in working with you and your clients to simplify complex ideas and drive actionable outcomes.

Our unique process embraces innovation, iteration, and teamwork.
We guide you through all stages of our Iterative process and deliver outcomes that meet the needs of your business and your clients

We Consult...

We apply design thinking to understand the problems worth solving. We create solutions and validate our ideas early and often
We begin every engagement with our unique and human-centric consultancy to find the problems worth solving. Here, we unearth valuable insights and collaboratively build a plan to get you where you want to be.
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Research & Discovery

Find the problems worth solving. Interviews, analytics, split-testing, and surveys are just a few of the ways that we partner with you to develop a deep understanding of your clients and tools.

UX & CX Mapping

User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) mapping help us empathise with and understand your clients. These continue to evolve with your organisation and let you make strategic and technology decisions with confidence.


Collaborative workshops bring stakeholders and users together to synthesize their unique insights into an actionable plan and framework for measuring success. We run workshops in person, or remotely via video conferencing.

Usability Testing

Validate your ideas early-and-often by getting them into the hands of your users. Usability Testing mitigates risk and identifies what does and doesn’t work early in the process, meaning less time fixing mistakes downstream and more time spent evolving your solution.

Design Services

Great human-first design is much more than simply aesthetics. It scales with your organisation, improves adoption, and drives accessibility and usability. We help you represent your brand and deliver return on investment.

Digital Prototyping

Prototyping is a powerful tool that puts accurate concepts into your hands weeks or months ahead of development, making it ideal for fast and cost-effective iteration. We deliver sophisticated digital prototypes for responsive native and web products, giving you an advanced look at the future of your solution.

Solutions Architecture

Clear solution architecture enables everyone to understand how all of the pieces fit together. Preempt challenges and visualise how your integrated technology, people, and data interact.

Actionable Outcomes

We understand that not everyone has the time to read sprawling reports so we summarise our insights and recommendations into digestible formats that your entire team can engage with and action. This includes presentations, videos, infographics, and wireframes.

We Build...

Strengthen your customer relationships and pipeline with our insights and network
We link you to the right clients and help you deliver innovation and products that delight.
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Relationship Development

Our creative, technical, and human-centric team work to first build relationships so we together we can build better solutions.

Native & Web Solutions

Whatever solution works best for your organisation and your people, our team is equipped with best-practice knowledge for the design, development, and launch of Native and Progressive Web solutions.

End-to-end Testing

Testing at every stage of the Iterative process ensures that your solution is stable, secure, and meets the needs of your clients.

We Drive Success...

Support your team and spearhead innovation by channeling analytics, insights, and feedback into your solution roadmap.
Our team are dedicated to supporting your organisation, team, and customers beyond launch. We continue to help you innovate by capturing valuable insights and prioritising next steps.
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Technical Support

We provide technical support to diagnose and resolve issues, ensuring that your solution is stable, secure, and works as planned.

Customer Support

We understand the frustration when things don’t go as planned and offer support to ensure that your people always feel in control. Not every user is technical, and these feedback channels help us make your solution more accessible to everyone.


We provide training and resources for your people to ensure that they can work together efficiently. Drive adoption and faster scaling whether you’re rolling out a bespoke solution or one of our products.

Performance Solutions

We’re here to help your teams perform better with innovative solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Take a human-centred approach and deliver better experiences for your clinicians and patients.